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Ferrari of the future: 3D printed models from Skorpion

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The Ferrari Top Challenge 2015 competition has recently ended, in which students from prestigious design schools offered their concepts for the look of the future Ferrari. Three models were created using 3D printing technology by Skorpion Engineering. The work is simply impressive. The winner of the competition was Ferrari "Manifesto", the design of which was created by students of the French Institute ISD-Rubika institute.

In total, 12 models reached the final. Such a competition was previously held in 2005 and 2012. About 50 schools took part in the first round of the competition, of which 8 finalists were selected. 4 more participants of the final round were selected from institutes and universities from around the world: Hochschule Pforzheim, Germany, one of the leading educational institutions in Europe, whose graduates in the field of car design have repeatedly shown great success; Collegefor Creative Studies, Detroit, USA, a college known worldwide for its equipment, faculty, and learning opportunities; Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, of which there were the largest number of contestants and whose students won the Ferrari World Design Contest in 2011; ISD-Rubika, Valenciennes, France, an institute with the latest computer modeling course, which also covers interdisciplinary projects.

Skorpion Engineering printed the prototypes of three models that reached the final. The company used stereolithography technology, which it considers the most suitable for prototyping, since it allows the reproduction of very detailed models.

The final processing of the models was also carried out by the Skorpion Engineering team, as a result of which we can admire the stunning, exclusive and realistic design of the machines of the future.

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