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Shoes that can be “knitted” on a 3D printer

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Following Adidas and Nike, who are successfully mastering the possibilities of printing sneakers that best meet the individual characteristics of the foot, small manufacturers adopt a similar experience.

3D-printing allows mass production of comfortable and inexpensive shoes made through the original weaving. JS Shoes Q Series custom-makes light and eco-friendly slippers for women and men. Spend on seamless loafers will have at least eighty dollars. Today, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer has opened a fundraising company to promote its products on Kickstarter. It is planned to receive investments worth 50 thousand dollars.

Interestingly, JS Shoes is going to release a pair of two sizes. This will interest buyers who have one foot less or more than the other. The most demanding customers can purchase models of different colors, suitable for mixing and combining. The JS Shoes line is characterized by the presence of a solid sole for each pair. Thus, it can be worn inside out.

JS Shoes models are created in three-dimensional format using the CAD program, then 3D knitting is used.

Such weaving minimizes waste, reduces labor and energy costs. It is important that in production there is no place for materials toxic or harmful to employees. Additive devices use clearly the required amount of material so that no waste is generated. After that, insert the insole - and the original 3D-printed moccasins are ready.

Mods will appreciate the color scheme. The base was chosen light gray material, complemented by variegated details. The developers liked the azure, purple, blue-gray and yellow colors.

The original rainbow color model is available only on Kickstarter, so only a small number of people who wish can become its owners. The manufacturer also voices the cost. The first two hundred lucky ones will be able to buy innovative shoes for $ 69, after which the cost will rise to $ 79.

Of course, in retail, the price will be even higher and will reach $ 89. It follows that participating in the campaign on Kickstarter, the buyer gets the opportunity to save.

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