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DisTech Automation offers 3D printing with two filaments and one nozzle

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DisTech Automation launched a fundraising campaign for the Prometheus system - a print assembly that alternately pushes two filaments through one hot end.

The device is not intended for mixing shades. Rather, it is a replacement for the heavier and relatively difficult to calibrate double assemblies. The system allows you to print in two colors, alternately feeding the bars along a single pipe into one hot end and driving away the remains of one color before resuming printing with another bar. Similarly, you can print models from different materials. The quality of printing can be judged by the illustrations.

The project appeared on Kickstarter two days ago and scored the required amount in about two hours. The most advantageous offers diverge like hotcakes, but for now, you can order an upgrade for the Prometheus V2 hot-end for $ 170 or a complete set for $ 232.

The system is extremely easy to maintain, does not require additional calibration and allows printing with an extrusion temperature of up to 300 ° C. The relatively low weight (65 g) makes the device particularly attractive to owners of delta printers. The all-metal hot end is equipped with a steel nozzle, and the length of the hot zone of the tube is only 12 mm, which not only increases reliability but also minimizes the amount of waste when changing the working filament. As per firmware, anything supporting double extrusion, including the popular Repetier and Marlin, will do.

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