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WinSun is in talks to build ten thousand 3D printed houses in Iraq

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The Iraqi government is considering rebuilding buildings destroyed during the fighting with 3D printing.

The Iraqi delegation visited the Shanghai office of WinSun, where they got acquainted with the achievements of the Chinese company in the field of 3D construction printing. Negotiations are still at an early stage, but representatives of the Iraqi government have expressed interest in the additive construction of about ten thousand houses.

The guests got acquainted with such well-known WinSun projects as a 3D-printed five-story building and the world's first 3D-printed mansion with an area of ​​1000 square meters. meters. At the same time, the company expressed its willingness to help rebuild Iraqi infrastructure by showing off several new products, including 3D-printed wells and septic tanks.

One of the options considered involves the purchase of branded 3D printers for printing with concrete, but this possibility is in doubt. WinSun still keeps the design features of its plants a secret and is unlikely to want to share technology, especially given the alluring, but not yet approved deal with Saudi Arabia to build one and a half million buildings.

Be that as it may, WinSun is actively developing its presence in the market, including the Dream Factory program, which consists of the construction of about a hundred additive building factories in China.

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