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Kore Halverson's 3D printed six-legged robot

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A Norwegian engineer Kore Halverson isn’t just unafraid of arthropods, but quite deliberately gives the world new spiders - high-tech and 3D-printed!

Do not be afraid of the creatures of the Scandinavian maker. They do not bite, do not jump and do not weave cobwebs, but they perfectly climb over uneven surfaces. The six-legged spider-like robot called "MX-Phoenix" is equipped with 18 motors, providing the necessary mobility and maneuverability.

This is not Kore's first project: in 2014, the maker tried to create a robotic spider, codenamed BMX, but failed to complete the idea, faced with design and production difficulties. As a result, the DIYer had to join the future that has become a present and master digital technologies - Autodesk Fusion 360 and 3D printing.

“For a while I thought that I could get by with a CNC router and use it to make all the necessary parts. After getting familiar with 3D modeling and 3D printing, I realized that the best solution is to create unique components using 3D printing, ”says Kore.

It was not without mistrust: initially the engineer doubted that the printed supporting elements would withstand the weight of a rather heavy structure, but after testing PLA plastic and then ABS, Kore believed in the possibility of additive technologies, and at the same time gained interest in new, more exotic materials. It is very possible that the next version will be made of carbon fiber composite. The current prototype is made of ABS plastic with acetone treatment - not only for beauty, but also for increased durability. The spider was printed on a Wanhao Duplicator i3 3D printer.

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