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KLM Airlines treats passengers with draft beer from a 3D printed trolley

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The famous carrier managed to solve a problem that tormented designers since the first flight of the Wright brothers: how to pour a glass of cold, draft beer high above the clouds?

Water, juice, and at best sparkling wine or canned beer. Such is the destiny of a modern balloonist, and even then not on every flight. KLM has long been considered one of the best air carriers in the world, which is largely due to passenger care. Now, the Dutch aviators have surpassed themselves by inviting passengers to enjoy draft beer directly from the barrel.

Carbon dioxide cylinders are not allowed onboard airliners for safety reasons, and therefore KLM had to look for an alternative solution, with the support of the best design minds of our time. The result of a long-term project was a special trolley with a 3D printing device that regulates the pressure inside the keg and uses air instead of carbon dioxide. “So beer will turn sour quickly!”, You say. “Not in time!”, We reply. The keg is cooled before departure, and stored onboard the aircraft in a thermally insulated compartment.

One problem: only business class passengers can indulge in a glass of chill so far, and even then not on all routes. According to the company, they have only one 3D-printed beer trolley at their disposal, and it cost a lot of money. But who knows? Over time, such devices can become a new standard of service, and there will certainly be demand - there is no doubt about it. In the meantime, check out, albeit advertising, but quite entertaining KLM video in partnership with Heineken:

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