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Carbon fiber composite for 3D printing from 3Dynamic Systems

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The British company 3Dynamic Systems offers its own version of a polymer composite with carbon fiber additives.

ABS and PLA remain the most popular materials for amateur 3D printing, but in some cases, they lack strength. Carbon fiber composites, specially formulated for personal FDM printers, significantly improve the mechanical properties, but at the expense of a higher cost of consumables. This also applies to new products from 3DS, although the cost of a carbon fiber filament of a British company is lower than that of most competitors.

Large aircraft and car manufacturers are unlikely to adopt this material, but in amateur robotics, modeling, and even the manufacture of artisanal auto parts, it can be used. The main advantage of the filament will be a relatively high tensile strength, reaching 105 MPa. The tensile modulus is 6560 MPa.

The composite uses short reinforcing fibers, whose content reaches 15-22%. Printing is recommended at 215 ° C. According to the company, plastic does not suffer from a lack of adhesion between layers or excessive shrinkage and deformation. Which material is used as the basis for the composite is not indicated.

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