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ARks 3D printed bikinis

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ARks 3D studio has released a collection of 3D printed bikinis called "Coral". "Ergonomic, eco-friendly, unique and personalized" swimwear made of PLA plastic (polylactide) and flexible composite based on PLA.

A conventional FDM printer was used for printing. For the sake of convenience, the plastic "coral" outfits are supplemented with cotton inserts, and the plastic components themselves are as thin and flexible as possible.

Designers-printers limit themselves to only swimsuits on steel, supplementing the collection with various printed accessories and jewelry - bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Each swimsuit is personalized, tailored to the models' figures, but it is unlikely to differ in durability, because polylactide is biodegradable. If only the bikinis do not dissolve at the most inopportune moment!

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