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3D printed RopeBot is not afraid of heights

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Every day, DIYers find new ways to use 3D printing to solve the most unusual problems. As a rule, it is not recommended to chop off the branch on which you are sitting. But there are exceptions! The fearless little robot RopeBot is designed for a similar and equally dangerous job.

Let's clarify right away that RopeBot does not swing an ax or saw, but is equipped with a knife blade. The purpose of the robot is one: to climb the ropes and cut them at the top point, surrendering itself to the grace of gravity. And all because a maker named Everett Bradford could not find a stepladder high enough and did not want to climb a tree, risking his own neck.

The robot consists of two 3D-printed mechanisms, one of which helps the little stuntman to grasp the rope and crawl upwards through the blocks and pulley, and the second drives the sharp blade in a reciprocating motion. By cutting the rope, the robot simply falls to the ground. The robot is controlled remotely using a hastily made transmitter. Although the robot was damaged in the fall, this did not upset the maker, because the device was designed to perform one single task.

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